Full-Time Faculty

James Ming–Hsueh LEE

James Ming–Hsueh Lee’s works often center on the objects found in the chain stores or surrounding our everyday life. He searches for alternative meanings in relation to art contexts. With a penetrating sense of humor, he reexamines and reflects upon the habitual understanding of ‘things’ indoctrinated by the media, education and society. He is the 2005 Taipei Arts Award First Prize winner, and has rich experience in exhibitions both at home and abroad. Recently, selected exhibitions include “2016 Taipei Biennial” (2016)and “The Testimony of Food: Ideas and Food” (2015) in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, “RIVER— The Way of Living in Transition Asia Contemporary Art Links” (2016) in Gwangju Biennial Gallery 1, “Things Wholesale” (2017) in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, “Other Landscapes”(2012) in La Rotonde Place Stalingrad in Paris, “0 & 1: Cyberspace and the Myth of Gender” (2010) in 501 contemporary art center in Chongqing in Chine, “Simply Screen: In-between of Asia” (2009) in M.P Birla Millennium Art Gallery in London and Tanzfabrik Transart Institute in Berlin.