Full-Time Faculty

Francis Maravillas

Francis Maravillas is Assistant Professor in the Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art (CCSCA) program at the National Taipei University of Education. His research interests focus on contemporary art and visual culture in Asia and Australia, curatorial and exhibition histories, socially engaged and performative practices in art. He is currently writing a book on the aesthetics and politics of food in contemporary Asian art. He is particularly interested in the various uses of food in performance and socially engaged practices in Asia, and the sensuous, affective and relational connections they engender in the context of the gallery/museum and public space. He has published journal articles, book chapters and exhibition catalogue essays on the Asia-Pacific Triennial exhibition series, Asian artists in the diaspora in Australia, and food and hospitality in contemporary Asian art. He co-curated the exhibition Bruised Food: A Living Laboratory at RMIT University Gallery in 2019. He is area editor (Asia-Pacific) of the Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas journal. He was previously a board member of the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia (2004-2007).



Refereed Journal Articles

Maravillas F and Antoinette M (2020) ‘Positioning Contemporary Art Worlds and Art Publics in Southeast Asia, World Art, vol. 10, no.2-3, pp.161-189.

Maravillas F, Machida M and Looser T (2017) ‘Island Worlds, Oceanic Diasporas and Global Flows’, Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas journal, vol. 3, no.1-2, pp.1-7.

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Research Book Chapters

Maravillas F. and Badham M. (2023) “The Gentle Art of ‘Bruised Food’: art and curation in times of crises” in McQuilten G. and Palmer D. (eds) The World We Want: Dystopian and Utopian Impulses in Art-Making, Intellect Books, Bristol.  

Maravillas F. (2015) “Participation and Place-Making in ruangrupa and Keg de Souza’s Vertical Villages” MAM Documents 001: Trauma and Utopia: Interactions in Post-war and Contemporary Art in Asia, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, pp 34-39 (in Japanese)

Maravillas F.  (2014) “The Unexpected Guest: Food and Hospitality in Contemporary Asian Art” in C. Turner and M. Antoinette (eds) Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-Making, ANU E-Press, Canberra.

Maravillas F. (2012) ‘Un/settled Geographies: Vertigo and the Predicament of Australia’s Postcoloniality’, in Catriona Elder (ed.) New visions, New Voices: Australian Studies in the Twenty-first Century, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK.

Maravillas F. (2008) ‘Art Histories at the Crossroads: Asian Art in Australia’ in Jayne Anderson (ed.) Crossing Cultures: Conflict, Migration and Convergence: the proceedings of the 32nd International Congress of the History of Art, Miegunyah Press, Melbourne University Publishing, Melbourne, pp. 900-904.

Maravillas F. (2007) ‘Haunted Cosmopolitanisms: Spectres of Chinese art in the Diaspora’ in Jeroen de Kloet and Edwin Jurriens (eds.) (with Afterword by Rey Chow) Cosmopatriots: On Distant Belongings and Close Encounters, Rodopi Press, Amsterdam and New York, pp.253-282.

Maravillas F. (2006) ‘Cartographies of the Future: The Asia-Pacific Triennials and the Curatorial Imaginary’ in John Clark, Maurizio Peleggi and T. K. Sabapathy, In the Eye of the Beholder: Reception and Audience for Modern Asian Art, University of Sydney East Asian Series and Wild Peony Press, Sydney, pp.244-270. *

           * Republished in Spanish as Maravillas F (2020) “Cartografías del futuro Las trienales Asia-Pacífico y el imaginario curatorial” in Ojeda, Danné & Nuez, Rubén de la (2021): Trazos discontinuos. Antología crítica sobre las bienales de arte en Asia Pacífico. Leiden: Almenara

          * Republished in Japanese as Maravillas F. (2007) ‘Cartographies of the Future: The Asia-Pacific Triennials and the Curatorial Imaginary’ in Takemi Kuresawa and Nanba Sachiko (eds.) Art and the City, Art and the Region: International Art Biennales in Asia Today, Seikyusha Press, Tokyo, pp.152-194. 

(Maravillas F. (2007) “Mirai no karutogurafii – ‘ajia taiheiyō torienāre’ to kyurēshon teki na kousoutai”, in Kuresawa Takemi, Nanba Sachiko, ed.s, Bienāre no genzai – bijutsu wo meguru komyūnikēshon no kanōsei, Seikyūsha, Tokyo)

Other Publications (exhibition catalogue essays, art reviews, commissioned industry reports)

Maravillas F and Badham M (2021), ‘Bruised Food: A Living Laboratory’ in Bruised Art, Action and Ecology in Asia, exhibition catalogue, RMIT Gallery Melbourne  

Maravillas F. (2015) Information Cultural Exchange Creative Hubs: An Evaluation Report, commissioned by Information Cultural Exchange for the Australia Council for the Arts, pp. 1- 18

Maravillas F. (2012) Edge of Elsewhere: An Evaluation Report, commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and for the Australia Council for the Arts. pp. 1-21.

Maravillas F. (2010) ‘The Poetics of the Uncanny: Art and Home in the Age of Mobility’ in S. Hipworth and A. Seeto (eds) Last Words, exhibition catalogue, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, pp. 12-17.

Maravillas F. (2009) ‘At Home in the World’, Full Circle, exhibition catalogue, Metro Arts, Brisbane, pp.1-2. 

Maravillas F. and T. Berghuis (2009) ‘Contemporary Art in China and Beyond’, Zhongjian-Midway, exhibition catalogue, Wollongong Regional Gallery, pp.30-35.   

Maravillas F. (2007) ‘Shanghai Stars: Interview with Li Shan and Yu Youhan’, Shanghai Star, exhibition catalogue, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, pp.65-71.

Maravillas F. (2004) ‘The Dictatorship of the Viewer: Review of the 50th Venice Biennale’, Australian Art Review, Issue 3, pp.77-80.

Maravillas F. (1999) ‘China, China: The Work of Ah Xian’, Bi-Lingual, exhibition catalogue, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney. pp.5-6.

Curated Exhibitions

Maravillas F and Badham M (2019), Bruised Food exhibition, RMIT Gallery Melbourne