Date: Thursday 21th December 13:30-15:30 in Room D204.

Speaker’s bio:
Andreas Walther (華安瑞), born in 1971 in Gießen, Germany, studied Media Arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany from 1998 to 2003 and the Chinese language at the National Taiwan University Language Center from 2003 to 2004. Andreas engages in artistic practise exploring the cultural intersections between Europe and East Asia, and is interested in themes of dialogue between art and culture, media theory, phenomenology, and philosophy. His works are exhibited in Europe and Taiwan and part of collections in both regions. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Andreas occasionally curates exhibitions and is involved in holding seminars and workshops.

In his talk, Andreas Walther (華安瑞) will present the Colorflows, a generative art project as an aesthetic reading of the Book of Changes (I Ching), related to the 64 hexagrams and eight trigrams of the I Ching. The resulting 4096 individual colorfield animations are generated by an algorithm analysing each of the 4096 possible different combinations according to a set of carefully chosen parameters. Walther will give some insight in this algorithm, will talk about the preparations for minting the Colorflows as an NFT collection, and also provide some general remarks on the NFT market itself, mainly concerning the Cardano Block Chain.