Coming up next Friday. curator Manray Hsu from 2022 TAIWAN ART BIENNIAL will be giving a talk at CCSCA about 2022 TAIWAN ART BIENNIAL, “LOVE AND DEATH OF SENTIENT BEINGS”. All welcome.

Date: Friday 5th May 13:30-15:30 in Room D204.

Speaker’s bio:
Manray Hsu is an independent curator and critic. His intellectual work focuses on cultural conditions of globalization, the relationship between aesthetics and politics, and geopolitical situations of contemporary art and the arts of the Anthropocene. His recent curatorial projects include: How Big Is the World? (2002, O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria); the Liverpool Biennial (2006, U.K. Liverpool); Naked Life (2006, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art); Taipei Biennial (2008, co-curated with Vasif Kortun, Taipei Fine Arts Museum); Autostrada Biennale: The Future of Borders” (2017, Prizren, Kosovo); “The South: an Art of Asking and Listening” (2017, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts); “Herbal Urbanism: An artistic project on cosmopolitics” (2018, Hong Gah Museum, Taipei); “When Kacalisian culture meets the vertical city: Greater Sandimen Contemporary Art” (2019, Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park, Pingtung); “Kacalisian: Crossing the Tuniu Ditch” (2019, Pingtung Chaozhou Linhousilin Forest Park); “Crossing the Tuniu Ditch – Reactivating Tribal Deities, the Name Rectification of Makatao” (2020, Assembly of Communities: MIX, MOCA Taipei); “Futurist Wave: Contemporary Art from Greater Sandimen” (2020, Pingtung Museum of Art); “Herbal Urbanism Hsinchu: Margins of the City as Method” (2021, Hsinchu City Art Gallery, Hsinchu 241 Art Gallery);” Distances between Us and the Future: An Exhibition of Taiwanese Indigenous Contemporary Art” (2021, the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park); “Between Earth and Sky: Indigenous Contemporary Art from Taiwan” (2021, The Tenth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art). Hsu served as a jury member for the 49th “Venice Biennale” and a jury member of the “Unesco Prize” and the 7th “Istanbul Biennial.”