Coming up next Monday. Artist Andreas Walther(華安瑞) and curator Leo C. Chen (陳昌仁教授) will be giving a talk titled ‘On Temporal Aspects in Life and Art’.
All welcome.
Date: 2022/12/19(Mon.) 13:30~15:30
Place: Room D204
About the Artist:
Andreas Walther, born 1971 in Germany, lives and works in between the cultures of the West and the Far East since1998. He is interested in artistic questions within this context and references Shanshui painting and calligraphy as well as ideas from the fields of media theory, philosophy of perception, and Taoism. His works are exhibited in both parts of the world and represented in public and private collections.
About the Curator:
Leo C. Chen, graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages at National Taiwan University, and received his PhD in Cinema and Media Studies from UCLA. He is a professor at Kyoto University Art and Design and University of Minnesota, USA. His research papers have been published in international journals and newspapers such as the New Left Review. He was involved in the production of the Hollywood film director Gus Van Zant’s Psycho , the Japanese director Hayashi Kaisho, as well as Edward Yang’s Terrorizers and Yi Yi , as assistant director and scriptwriter. His curatorial exhibitions include “’S WANDERFUL│Making Pictures-Steve McCurry Solo Exhibition” in MoCA Taipei.