Congratulations to CCSCA student Ariana Lombardi for successfully presenting the exegesis of their MA capstone exhibition project 圈內 | Becoming Visible that was shown at Artpartment 藝術公寓 from 19-29 March 2022.
圈內 | Becoming Visible explored the role and significance of T-bars (a hostess bar for queer women wherein the attendants are tomboy lesbians or “T’s”) in the identity formation of queer Taiwanese women in the late 80s and early 90s. In particular, by re-making the T-bar and creating a space that unsettled conventional narratives of gender and identity, Ariana’s exhibition sought to engender an experiential and embodied understanding of the performative enactment of queer identities in Taiwan.
The exhibition featured the works of artists Kira Hsin-Wei JACOBSON 許維, Anchi Lin 林安琪 [Ciwas Tahos], Liting Tan 陳立婷, Yao Hong 姚紅, along with a program comprising a roundtable panel with community activists Dingo Huang, Andrea Toerien & Loo; Uncle Southside’s Heartbreak Hotel KTV & Storytelling and a singer-songwriter night with sarya.
Thank you to the thesis advisor Patricia Huang (Art and Design, NTUE) and examination committee members Lu Peiyi (CCSCA) and Nobou Takamori (CCSCA).