Cultural History Of Taiwan

 LIN Chi-Ming

Week01: Introduction: Before 1895
Week02: Japanese Ruled Period: 1895-1945 (I)
Week03: Japanese Ruled Period: 1895-1945 (II)
Week04: Literature Seminar: Cheng Ching-Wen, Three-Legged Horse
Week05: 1950s: Post-War and the U.S. Aid
Week06: (Holiday)
Week07: Literature Seminar: Wang Chen-Ho, Rose, Rose, I Love You
Week08: Film Seminar: Hou Hsiao-Hsien, A City of Sadness
Week09: 1960s: The ‘Modern’ World?
Week10: Literature Seminar: Wang Wen-Hsing, Family Catastrophe
Week11: Film Seminar: Edward Yang, A Brighter Summer Day
Week12: 1970s: Impact of the Nativist Movement
Week13: Literature Seminar: Pai Hsien-Yung, Taipei People
Week14: 1980s: Before and After the End of Martial Law
Week15: Film Seminar, Wu Nien-Jen, A Borrowed Life (Duo San)
Week16: 1990s: The Consumption Boom
Week17: Film Seminar: Ang Lee, Eat Drink Man Woman
Week18: Final Presentation

Course Outline

This course provides an overview of Taiwan cultural history from 1895 (the Japanese ruled period), 1949 (the KMT cultural policy), 1987 (the end of Martial Law)  to the 1990s. Focusing in particular on people’s everyday life, local beliefs, entertainment and habits, also taking on other art forms such as photography and music, we will examine how historical events and social background have influenced the controversial issue of ‘Taiwanese identity’. There will be literature and film seminars that focus on specific texts which lead to a broader understanding of the Taiwanese culture.

Implementation method

Lecture, Seminar, Group Discussion

Grading Policy
Participation: 10%
Literature Seminar: 40%
Film Seminar: 40%
Final Presentation: 10%

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