NTUE Excellent

Offer one excellent student with free tuition fee; the maximum length of time is 2 academic years.
(Apply via CCSCA application)

NTUE International Student Scholarship

 Guidelines for NTUE International Students Scholarship from Division of International Affairs
Subjects International freshman students and current international students
Application and Time
  • New Students: Online enrollment application system (, please choose “yes” at the scholarship field. The result will inform you of your Letter of Admission.
  • Current Students: By the end of April each year, please take the Scholarship Application Form and the Transcript of the Previous Semester, and a Photocopy of Current Student ID Card to apply for the scholarship at the Division of International Affairs. (Office Location: A709 Room, Administration Building)
Award Period September (the month that you begin your semester) to next year  August.
  • Undergraduate: NTD$4,000 to 6,000 per month
  • Graduate: NTD$6,000 to 8,000 per month
Approval and Issue
  1. The maximum length of time a student is entitled to receive the scholarship is 4 academic years for undergraduate students, 2 academic years for students in master programs, and 4 academic years for students in doctoral programs.
  2. The awarded students must take part in the university voluntary service for at least 72 hours in Departments or School Administrative Units, the ones who fail to meet the requirements of the voluntary service will be ineligible to apply for future scholarship.
Quota of Scholarship The number of recipients for each year is subject to the availability of scholarship funds for the year.

Taiwan Government

Ministry of Education in Taiwan provides information regarding scholarships in Taiwan and relevant regulations.

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