Full-Time Faculty

LIN Chi-Ming

LIN Chi-Ming’s primary fields of interest include theory of image, aesthetics, and French contemporary thoughts. He is active as a critic, serving as a juror and nominator for the Taishin Arts Award for several years and now as President of AICA Taiwan. His academic posts also include Adjunct Professor at National Taiwan University, and Visiting Professor at Paris-7 Diderot University. His curated exhibitions include Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta, The Future Museum of NPM at the National Palace Museum, which won 2009 MUSE silver Awards, The Digital Hand at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2010), and HSIEH Chun-Te’s “Le Festin de Chun-te” at the 2011 Venice Biennale (co-curated with Dominique Païni). He is a board member of journals such as Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum and NCCU Philosophical Journal, etc. He has also translated the works of numerous contemporary European philosophers.  Now, he is the director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art.