Why National Taipei
University of Education?



The cradle of Taiwan’s arts development

The National Taipei University of Education, officially founded in 1895 as the Japanese Language School, is widely recognized as “the cradle of Taiwan’s arts development”. From Chen Chen-po, Huang Tu-shui, Li Shih-chiao, Li Mei-shu to more recent celebrated artists, our alumni include almost all the key figures. Since the last decade of the 20th century, our Faculty of Art and Design and Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industries Management have gradually expanded to include not only art practice and art education, but also art criticism, art administration and creative industries. Our outstanding faculty members and international visiting scholars are committed to developing diverse leaders for professional and research careers through the undergraduate, masters and ‘Interdisciplinary Study of Art’ doctoral programs.


Centrally located in Taipei

Our campus is centrally located in the capital of Taiwan. It is in close proximity to a metro station and all major amenities. The on-campus Chinese-Learning Center (received thousands of students in the past 5 years) provides a variety of courses and resources for non-native students to improve their language skills. All in all, we are one of the best study destinations for foreign students pursuing degrees in Taiwan.

Highly acclaimed university art museum
Museum of NTUE(MoNTUE) 北師美術館
In 2011, MoNTUE was founded in the centennial National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan. It has always followed the principle of “Museum Continued” in its operations. Continuous public participations generate values in museums and sustain their lives.
As a new form of museum, MoNTUE attempts to shape its functions and significance organically, and to become a space to generate knowledge and innovative values to the public.