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Students from 2023

Sai Siew Min
Chih-Hsiang Lee

With an engineer background, he has an interest in the exercise of scientific language in exhibitions, especially how curators reshape scientific concepts unintentionally or intentionally. He found this freedom in a society heavily policed by so-called scientific truth and aim to initiate a same confrontation in his own shows. Working in energy industry and trained with computer science, he has focused on exhibitions about Anthropocene and AI application recently. ‘I would like to point out the nuances when artists talk about science because most of the time nobody in the art field would notice,’ he says.

James Alexander Holland
Gena Catharina Haensel
Deysi Marisol Bailey
Ghini Anna Lisa

Born in Italy, Anna Lisa has been living in Asia (Hong Kong, Beijing, Osaka, Karachi and Taipei) for over 20 years. In recent years she has been engaged in a broad range of cultural activities which have also included curating a photographic book on Milan, participating in personal and collective photographic exhibitions in Taiwan, in Japan and in the PRC.
Previously, she obtained a PhD in Politics, a Master in Security Studies and a BA in Political Science.

Phan Thi Xuan Quynh

Hue holds her B.A. in Art and Media Studies at Fulbright University Vietnam and briefly worked at Nguyen Art Foundation in Saigon, Vietnam. Her areas of interest include Asian art, new materialism, and Vietnamese socialist animation. As a graduate student at CCSCA, Hue aspires to learn Mandarin and delve deeper into Taiwanese art.