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Students from 2017

Sean Wang Gaffney

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned my BA at University of California, Berkeley in English Literature. I’ve worked as an editor and writer for various magazines and newspapers, so language is in my DNA. I’ve called Taipei my home since 2013 and am fluent in Mandarin. At the moment I’m interested in photography, digital art and critical theory, but would also like to utilize my time at CCSCA to explore more practical skills I can use in my career. Finding (carving) my niche.

Akari Yamasaki

I am a MA student of CCSCA and a graduate scholar supported by Horita-ikuei foundation of Miki cooperation. As a multidisciplinary explorer, my research interest lies at the intersection of critical pedagogy, socially engaged art, memories and experiences of the second world war in East Asia, and phycology of education for juvenile delinquents. I hold a bachelor of education from Chiba University. Before undertaking master studies, I worked as an assistant coordinator at artist-in-residences in Japan and Finland for three years. In addition, I have a background in social work; a commitment to community activism for girl’s and immigrant’s rights. During my study in CCSCA program, I hope to develop the theoretical understanding of East Asian contemporary art, as well as enhance the practical skills in the frame of non-formal art education for my future career.

Mei Yueh Tan

I am Mei and I grew up in Malaysia before heading to the States to study engineering on a government scholarship. Upon graduation, I worked in sustainability and strategy consulting before finding my way back into the arts. In 2015-2017, I worked as an assistant curator at the Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery, Malaysia and fell in love with the industry. Hence, I decided to pursue a MA at CCSCA. Apart from contemporary art and curatorial studies, I have a lifelong love for sequential art (mainly comics and graphic novels). My goal is to be able to combine these interests in my future works. When I’m not too busy working, I like to hit the trails.

Chompunute Walsh

My name is Chompunute Walsh (Alice). I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I studied in Mahidol University International College, Thailand, majoring in Communicate Design, Fine and Applied Art. After graduation, I worked as a print graphic designer at Sansha Company based in Bangkok. However, I am more keen on book design. I did a book layout design for Li- Zenn Company (part of Architecture 49). Besides designing, I am also interested in arts, crafts and photography. I fell in love with art history and would like to pursue my dream working in a museum or an art gallery. Through the MA CCSCA program, I hope to gain more knowledge in the curatorial practice and to be able to explore more of the creative world.

​Cullen Pitney

I’m Cullen Pitney and I studied at The New School. My dream is to open a supermarket that is also a disco at night and everyone can come enjoy the vegetables as well as the tunes. Anyway, my ultimate academic goal is to unify quantum mechanics and art history into one beautiful joyous amalgam that I will call the aesthetics of quantum mechanics. If you have any interest in these topics: snails clams tomatoes, you know who you are and you know what to do.

Arie Han

I am Arie HAN, Korean, and did my bachelors in France, in Cultural Mediation. I became aware of the importance of knowledge in Asian art and its institutions during my stay in France. Hence, I came to the MA CCSCA program. Here, we learn about Asian art trends, its exhibitions and biennales. My interests are not limited to fine art; I am also interested in contemporary dance and I hope I could produce or offer multidisciplinary art (outside of institutions) to the public everyday life.

​Sita Spada

I was born and raised in Milan city center. I’m part of Italian, part of Indian. I completed my masters degree in Philosophical Theories with honors at the University of studies of Pavia. Later, I was based in India for 8 years, working across cinema, classical dance and art. I took a diploma in Indian aesthetic at Jnanapravaha in Mumbai. I also worked as an online content writer and hunter for emerging contemporary Indian artist for Breathe Arts. Exploring further east in Taiwan at CCSCA, I am taking the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the art world from a new perspective. I speak Italian, English, Chinese and bit of Hindi.

Ryah Rosenberg

Arizona State University, BA in Chinese

Shih Hsuan Chou

University of Toreonto, BA in History